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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help and support with any questions you may have regarding bespoke projects, hiring developers, website development, mobile app development or any other service we offer. If you don't find the information you are looking for here, feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You've got questions, we have the answers!

The overall time needed to develop any web, mobile app or software project always depends on the size of the project and required features. A small static business website or a simple business mobile app takes less time and can be finished within few weeks for something simple. Complex cross-platforms solutions or large eCommerce projects will increase the time needed for us to finish the project and this can take over few months.

The final cost of a website project, mobile app or any other project always vary and depends mainly on the required features, platform or programming language used. Projects with a backend dashboard usually cost more, while a simple project, which runs only on one platform can be cheaper. Some other aspects include API usage to other systems, unique functionality, complex database solutions, payment authentication systems, customer database and user authentication and many many others.

Before we start working on your project, you will receive a proposal with all charges explained. Our policy is clear, no hidden fees and full transparency.

If you are a startup or new business, you should count these services along with additional cost such as: domain registration and annual service charge, hosting, trademark registration, service charge for mobile app submission

Play Store (Android Apps): Google charges one-off 25$ fee to create your account. Your project will need to meet Google's criteria and guidelines, before the app will be publish.

App Store (iOS Apps): Apple charges 99$ annually for every app published. Your project will need to meet Apple's criteria and guidelines, before app will be publish.

Every project is unique, and it will depends on your requirements. If you will need a service of a designer for UX/UI for your website or mobile app, we can offer competetive prices and highly skilled digital graphic designers.

Service support after your project is finished also depends on the type of your project. While small websites, or projects using CMS (content management systems) or CRM (customer relationship management) may not require support. Complex projects may need regular supervision and our support to make sure everything runs smoothly. Mobile apps, ecommerce projects, or projects with a customer database will require regular support.

We recommend running regular maintenance on all web/app based projects to prevent any unauthorised access and to make sure your web or app runs fast without any possible issues on all devices.

We are modern and creative development house offering full service including: design services, branding/re-branding, printing services, consultancy, SEO & analysis, marketing & social media. It depends on your project, but we can offer a full service from A to Z.
Each project is unique. For projects using CMS systems, eCommerce systems, CRM systems or systems using backend dashboard you will be fully in charge. For small projects like static business website presentations you may need some basic programming skills or our help. For complext systems, database solutions or mobile apps you will need our professional support.
Yes, we can help with any existing project, website or mobile app. We have many professional and experienced programmers and developers able to help. More information can be found >>> here <<<

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